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Transverse foliations of T^1 S

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Seminario de Sistemas Dinámicos

Título: "Transverse foliations of T^1 S"

Expositor: Sergio Fenley (FSU-IAS)

This is joint work with Rafael Potrie.   We study two dimensional foliations
F_1, F_2 of a 3-manifold   M so that they have C^1 leaves and they are
transverse to   each other. The intersection is a one dimensional foliation   G,
which subfoliates leaves of F_1, F_2.   This is very common, for example when
F_1, F_2   are the weak stable and unstable foliations of an Anosov flow   in a
3-manifold. We assume that the leaves of F_1, F_2 are   Gromov hyperbolic. There
are several properties to study.   One question is when the foliation G is the
flow foliation of   a topological Anosov flow. We study the particular case that
the manifold is T^1 S, the unit tangent bundle of a closed   hyperbolic surface.
We show for example that if certain   leaf spaces associated with G are
Hausdorff, then G is   the flow foliation of an Anosov flow.
Viernes 16/9 a las 14:30, Salón de seminarios del IMERL

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